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  • As "Vehicle" Operators, Bicyclists in Wisconsin Have Responsibility When Sharing Roads

    This could have been a blooper from a reality stunt TV show. A Menasha woman rides her bike onto a drawbridge as it was opening, ignoring the flashing warning lights, swiping one of the lowered arm guards and ultimately riding her swerving bike into the gap between the bridge approach area and the bridge span. Luckily, the bike stuck in the gap, preventing the woman from falling through. And ...
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  • South Milwaukee Mayor Inviting Birds to Its Streets in a Managed Rollout

    The City of Milwaukee recently engaged in an ugly public dispute with Santa Monica, California-based Bird Rides Inc., the company that dropped off 100 electric scooters in parts of the city in June without notifying the city. A cease and desist order was filed against the scooter maker. Bird finally agreed to pull the scooters off streets. And now the Common Council has passed a resolution ...
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  • How America Got Addicted to OxyContin

    Heath Ledger had just finished filming his Oscar-winning performance as The Joker in The Dark Knight when he was found unresponsive at his Los Angeles apartment in 2008. According to doctors, the 28-year-old film star died of acute intoxication from the combination of strong painkillers, including oxycodone—sold as OxyContin. Sadly, his story isn’t uncommon. Since 1999, 200,000 Americans have died ...
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  • How to Avoid an Accident with a Pedestrian and What to Do When It Happens

    Following a tragic pedestrian accident this is heard all too frequently, “the person seemed to come out of nowhere.” Though Wisconsin is not the worst place for pedestrian accidents, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, there are over 2,000 pedestrians hit by cars every year in this state, with scores of these accidents resulting in fatalities. How Do You Avoid These Accidents? ...
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  • Distracted Boating - It's is a Thing...and it's Deadly

    Drivers don’t have a monopoly on distractions. Boaters have as many distractions, possibly more. They don’t have white lines to follow; however, they do have vessels approaching from all directions at all speeds, shifting sea and weather conditions, crowded harbors, passengers who move around – some while drinking adult beverages. High on the list of distractions are electronic devices. And just ...
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  • Watch Your Step. Pedestrian Deaths Are on the Rise Part II

    In our previous blog on this issue, you learned that the number of people being hit and killed by vehicles while walking has been shooting up over the past eight years. The odds are getting higher for you being a road casualty. In the next 24 hours, according to the Centers for Disease Control, 430 people on average will be in the emergency room for traffic-related injuries. How to Avoid These ...
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  • Watch Your Step. Pedestrian Deaths Are on the Rise

    Get out for a walk. That’s what are doctors are telling us to get healthier and to extend our lives. There is no doubt the benefits are enormous. However, here in Wisconsin and across the nation, stepping out into the street while taking that walk can in fact be very unhealthy. Lately, once you put yourself out in traffic you run an increasing risk of severe injury and, many times, death. The ...
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  • Product Recall: Where There's Smoke, There's Not Always a Working Fire Alarm

    Fire safety product maker Kidde recently announced it issued a recall of nearly 500,000 smoke alarms that could be faulty. The company discovered that a small yellow cap in the alarm could inadvertently cover a sensor, preventing it from detecting smoke. Since smoke and fire alarms are proven to save lives (two-thirds of deaths from home fires occur there is no working smoke alarms), this is an ...
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  • When Cars Become Torpedoes - How Distractions Wreak Havoc

    Earlier this month, a truck driver from Independence, WI was traveling 63 mph when he slammed his vehicle into the back of a car stopped at an intersection. The driver and sole occupant of the car, a 54-year-old father of 3, died at the scene. Instead of paying attention to the road, the truck driver spent the 8 seconds prior the accident texting his girlfriend and researching a house on the ...
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  • Self-Driving Car Accidents: Who Is to Blame?

    We are all prone to mistakes, which is why civil engineers have spent centuries studying conditions and infrastructure related to travel in order to design solutions that can be used to mitigate accidents. In their quest to perfect the self-driving vehicle, tech companies like Uber and Waymo have been testing autonomous cars in several states throughout the country. The goal for these companies, ...
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  • The Opioid Epidemic in Wisconsin: A Look at Purdue Pharmaceuticals

    Countless people across the nation are feeling the sting of the opioid crisis, and many blame big pharmaceutical companies for the rising problem. Whether individuals are suffering from an addiction themselves or are coping with the addiction of a loved one, those affected are increasing in number as this epidemic continues to spiral out of control. Opioids are powerful painkillers with addictive ...
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  • The Opioid Epidemic in Wisconsin

    At Casey Law Offices, S.C., we focus exclusively on prosecuting injury claims to ensure negligent individuals and businesses are held responsible for irresponsible behavior resulting in injury so those who are harmed are fairly compensated. We represent Wisconsinites who have suffered a variety of injuries, including those related to the national opioid crisis. Our recent article series, “The ...
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  • Asleep at the Wheel? Drowsy Drivers Cause 10% of Accidents

    We’re a sleep-deprived nation. The CDC reports that one out of three of us are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. It’s been long documented that the lack of sleep negatively impacts productivity on the job and health and wellbeing. Now a new study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety also tells us that drowsy driving contributes to more accidents on the road than previously ...
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  • Winter Accident Prevention: Snowmobile Accident Discussion

    At Casey Law Offices, S.C., we focus exclusively on injury claims to fairly compensate those harmed by negligent individuals and businesses. We represent Wisconsinites who have suffered a variety of injuries, including those related to snowmobile accidents. Call (414) 272-3776 to request a free consultation. When Snowmobilers Hit More Than the Trail Snowmobiles are a great way to take in the ...
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  • The Opioid Epidemic in Wisconsin: Early 2018 Update

    At Casey Law Offices, S.C., our Milwaukee personal injury attorney represents Wisconsinites who have suffered all sorts of injuries, including those related to the national opioid crisis . In recent months, we published a three-part series, “ The Opioid Epidemic in Wisconsin ,” where we explored how and why the abuse of prescription opioid drugs has become a national crisis, pharmaceutical ...
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