Our Victories

At the Casey Law Offices, we are passionate about helping individuals during their time of need. After an accident, it is important that you find out your rights, your options, and what you can do to file a compensation-seeking claim. Review our past case victories and contact us today knowing you are in the best hands possible.

    • Auto Accident at an Intersection

      Favorable verdict at jury trial of auto accident at an intersection, yellow light, defense denied liability.

    • Collapse of Display Case

      Favorable settlement of a case involving the collapse of a display case at big box store.

    • Drunk Driver

      Favorable verdict at jury trial, severe injuries caused by drunk driver.

    • Drunk Driver

      Favorable verdict of a case involving drunk driver, client offered $3000 on his own, hired John Casey and received $80,000+

    • Drunk Driving Tragedy

      Drunk Driving Tragedy stories have accumulated in the media over the past decade. No community seems immune to it, and it’s every family’s nightmare. A night out on the town turned tragic for a young college student heading home from a party. As the young man was crossing a street to his apartment, a repeat drunk driver slammed into him, fleeing the scene and leaving the young man for dead in the street. Another motorist helped our client, although his face would remain disfigured.

      The family of the young man turned to Attorney John Casey for help. The drunk driver refused to accept responsibility for his actions; a plan the insurance company readily accepted. After a jury trial that lasted several days, the jury returned a verdict for an amount significantly higher than requested by the plaintiff. A post-trial interview of the jury revealed that the jurors actually argued that the amount was not high enough! Ultimately, the insurance company paid in excess of the policy limits, having to pay for pre-judgment interest, costs and statutory attorney fees.

    • Farm Accident

      A farm is typically a docile countryside setting that many people across the country earn a living at or enjoy the products of, until the Farm Accident occurs. A father was a farm hand at a large corporate farm in rural Wisconsin. One day, the father asked his son to bring in the cows for milking. The farm owner didn’t tell the father that there was a bull in the herd; so when the boy went to corral the herd, he was viciously attacked by the bull. The child was severely injured,requiring multiple surgeries to his leg.

      After being turned down by a large Wisconsin personal injury firm because the “case lacked merit”, the family went to Attorney John Casey for assistance. After filing suit and winning several motions, the insurance company settled the case favorably for the young boy. Through the efforts of Attorney Casey, the health insurance company that paid for the child’s medical treatment (well into the six figures) agreed not to seek any reimbursement from the settlement.

    • Injured by Security Guard

      Favorable verdict at jury trial of an individual injured by security guard at medical clinic.

    • Intersection Accident

      A beautiful day, you finally get the “green light”, the last light before your driveway. Your patience is not rewarded when a driver fails to stop at his “red light” and rather than tending to your yard, you are involved in an intersection accident.

      Intersection Accident, a scene that is repeated way too many times in Wisconsin, a man was injured when his vehicle was severely struck by a person who ignored a stop light at an intersection. The client’s car was totaled and he was permanently injured.

      After Attorney John Casey was retained, a lawsuit was immediately commenced when it was discovered that the defendant driver had broke up with his girlfriend (who owned the car) and she was telling her insurance company that her ex-boyfriend did not have permission to drive her car. Knowing that impermissive use of a car is a defense to providing insurance, Attorney Casey took the woman’s deposition during a brief time period that the couple reunited. She changed her story and testified under oath that the defendant driver had permission to drive her car. The insurance company’s motion for summary judgment based on impermissive use of the motor vehicle was dropped and the case was settled in an amount favorable to the client.

    • Landscape Truck Accident

      In our Practice Areas, we mention Commercial Truck Accident Injury, the general public may often believe that most companies insure all company vehicles, but not always! A Landscape Truck Accident is not a common occurrence. For one client, an uneventful trip home from work turned tragic when her car was struck by a large landscape truck.

      The landscaping truck was being moved from one customer’s yard to the next customer’s yard, which required it to cross the path of traffic on the public roadway. The driver carelessly proceeded into traffic colliding with our client. The owner of the landscaping truck did not have insurance, but due to the efforts of Attorney Casey, the owner decided to pay a large settlement to the woman rather than take the matter to trial.

    • Pregnant Woman

      Favorable settlement of a case involving pregnant woman and permanent injury of foot.

    • Rampaging Bull

      Favorable settlement of a case involving a farm accident with a rampaging bull and teenage farm hand.

    • Vehicle Crushed by Falling Ice

      Favorable settlement of a case involving a vehicle/occupant crushed by falling ice off a store in parking lot roof. Over a ton in ice.

    • Work Place Accident

      On a snowy Wisconsin evening, a man was clearing the snow from the sidewalk of a large department store when a very large section ice fell from the roof of the store onto the cab of the snow truck that he was operating. The ice was so heavy that it collapsed a large section of the snow truck’s cab. It seems simple that the employer would cover the medical bills; the worker injured and accumulating medical bills. A Work Place Accident can be far from simple.

      After trying, unsuccessfully, to get his medical bills paid for by the maintenance company and the owner of the building, the driver of the truck went to Attorney John Casey for help. After filing a lawsuit and aggressively pursuing pretrial discovery and defending against summary judgment, the insurance company agreed to settle the case favorably for the man rather than risk going to trial.

    • Wrongful Death

      Favorable settlement of a wrongful death case involving a pedestrian walking home from park.