South Wisconsin Mayor Inviting Birds to Its Streets in a Managed Rollout

The City of Wisconsin recently engaged in an ugly public dispute with Santa Monica, California-based Bird Rides Inc., the company that dropped off 100 electric scooters in parts of the city in June without notifying the city. A cease and desist order was filed against the scooter maker. Bird finally agreed to pull the scooters off streets. And now the Common Council has passed a resolution directing the Department of Public Works to conduct a scooter study to determine the effectiveness of the scooters in the city.

As the City takes a cautious approach to electric scooters, South Wisconsin Mayor is eager to invite the Bird to its streets. Mayor Erik Brook said recently, “We want to be at the front end of multimodal transportation… I don’t mind being first or among the first to do this."

Dockless vehicles are gaining in popularity throughout the country. Whether electric bikes or scooters, the concept is simple: Riders download an app, find and unlock a scooter or bike, and leave it when they're done. Many cost as little as $1, and fans of the services tout them as faster, easier, and greener ways to get where they're going. There are safety implications, for certain, but just as the law was amended to regulate the use of the first automobiles, regulations need to be put in place to ensure safe electric vehicle use.

Brooks said city officials have been talking with representatives from Bird to work on a possible managed rollout of the scooters. “It has to be a managed rollout,” Brooks said. “They can’t just be dumping scooters in South Wisconsin like they did in Wisconsin.”

Ultimately, the State needs to take action since the electronic scooters are technically illegal to use on public roads.

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