Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft Tissue Injuries

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Did you suffer a soft tissue injury? Or maybe you have sustained serious, catastrophic injuries? Has it left you debilitated, disabled, or in pain? Casey Law Offices, S.C. and our personal injury lawyers genuinely want to be the team that helps you seek full compensation for your injuries.

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Taking care of yourself should be second-to-none. When you need to know that your case is being taken seriously and that you stand a real chance of getting the compensation you deserve, you will want Casey Law Offices in your corner.

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What is a Soft Tissue Injury?

Generally speaking, any part of the human body that is not a bone or muscle can be considered a soft tissue. Most soft tissue injury cases involve nerves or internal organs. Due to the sensitivity of soft tissue, it can be severely damaged in even minor accidents, such as a car crash or slipping and falling. Serious illnesses can also destroy soft tissue if a high fever persists for hours at a time.

Some examples and consequences of a soft tissue injury include:

Due to the frequent severity of soft tissue injuries, people often require extensive medical treatment that lasts for weeks or months at a time to recuperate. Medical bills can add up quickly and those who have not been fairly compensated by the negligent party can find it difficult or impossible to make ends meet. When you file your claim, be sure you seek damages for medical bills, any repair costs related to your accident, missing and lost wages or income. Talk to your lawyer to see what else you can cite in your claim.

We Do the Heavy Lifting for Your Case

Rest and relaxation are crucial for anyone after they suffer a painful soft tissue injury. Working through the details of a lawsuit and stressing about proving liability is the opposite of rest and few would find it relaxing. To keep yourself comfortable, let the personal injury attorneys from our law firm manage your case on your behalf. You will quickly see through everything that we do that we are genuinely dedicated to your success.

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