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Common Sense Keeps New Year Celebrations Safe


New Year’s Eve and Day is a busy time of celebrations with friends and family. It is also a busy time for plaintiff attorneys due to an increased number of injuries caused by individuals who haven’t taken precaution to avoid accidents.

Accidents come in many forms on this holiday. A majority of them are due to excessive drinking.  Here are other examples of how accidents can happen:

Party Venues Can Cause Injury

Whether you are attending a party at someone’s home or business establishment,  you expect that environment to be safe. Often, they are not. Homeowners and business owners are liable for injuries due to unsafe conditions.

Typical examples of unsafe conditions include:

  • Crowds beyond what is reasonable or permitted by law
  • Accumulation of ice and snow
  • Decorations that create obstacles
  • Defective staircases, elevators or escalators
  • Wet, oily and soiled floors
  • Inadequate building security

In unsafe conditions, people are at risk of injuries that could easily be avoided. When combined with the consumption of alcohol, hazardous conditions can become more dangerous than usual. If you are hosting an event, you must address avoidable, unsafe conditions, or your risk liability if someone gets hurt.

A Note about Decorations

New Year’s Eve celebrations often include the use of elaborate decorations, flashy electronics, and enjoyable food. Products that do not work as intended may also create the risk of causing injuries. Defective products can lead to physical and emotional injuries to guests. If a product causes damages to another due to a defect, individuals may be able to receive compensation from the negligent manufacturers.

Avoid the Fireworks and Firearms

Some revelers like to ring in the New Year with a bang. What may seem like an innocent exclamation point to mark the new year, fireworks can backfire when misused.  Gun owners who take to the streets with the same intention of having a little loud fun must also take heed. This is not only against the law but also put individuals at risk of injury caused by projectiles and bullets. In addition to personal injury, participation in similar dangerous activities can cause property damage.

The New Year should be a cause for celebration. Still, if you suffer injuries as a result of another’s carelessness or negligence, you should be able to receive compensation for any losses sustained. Here at Casey Law Offices, we will thoroughly investigate your case to identify any possible theory of liability under which you can recover. Our team will fight for your rights and bring forth the appropriate claims to ensure you receive nothing less than the compensation you deserve. Call us today at 414-272-3776 and schedule a free consultation.