Springtime Accidents

This week marks the first official day of Spring. It’s a good opportunity to review some common accidents that happen this time of the year. Many of these accidents, which can lead to injury, can be avoided with some care and precaution.

Here are some of the most common springtime accidents:

  • Vehicle-related crashes: Warmer temperatures and easier road conditions mean more people are on the streets – in cars, on bikes, on mopeds, on skateboards, on motorcycles and sidewalks in tennis shoes. Many children will also be out and about, playing in their neighborhoods and local parks. With the increase in traffic, it is important for motorists to be mindful of the rules of the road. Injuries that stem from car, pedestrian, motorcycle or bicycle accidents can be serious, catastrophic or even fatal. Unfortunately, you can take every safety precaution and still be injured by the actions of a negligent driver. If you are injured in a crash, always seek medical attention first; keep documentation of your treatment; and seek the advice of an attorney.
  • Dog bites: Our best friends crave warmer weather, just as we do this time of year. Longer days mean more time to take Fido outside for a walk. More people and dogs on the streets mean more dog bites and attacks. Dogs that have a history of biting other dogs or people need to be restrained at all times. If your pet has bitten another person or dog in the past, you could be held liable for double damages should a second incident occur. However, this does not mean that you are off the hook if your dog lacks a prior history of violence; you can still be held liable if your pet bites and injures a passerby. A dog attack can result in severe injuries, including broken bones, lacerations, scarring, and loss of limb. Some dog attacks, particularly those involving children, can even be fatal. So keep your dog on a lease at all times. We recently wrote about the legal implications of dog bites, which you can read by clicking this link.
  • Falls: These are very common accidents that occur, especially as daily foot traffic increases. Factors contributing to these types of accidents include, but are not limited to: slippery surfaces, broken stairs, uneven pavement, cracked sidewalks, unmarked obstacles, bunched-up carpeting, etc. Property owners and managers need to provide a reasonably safe environment to guests, passersby, and residents. This obligation includes warning visitors and guests about any hazardous conditions and repairing the problem as quickly as possible. For this reason, a property owner can be held liable for a victim’s injuries if they are injured on the premises.
  • Playground injuries: It may be great exercise, but monkeying around on the playground can be dangerous, too. Don’t let your kids start the outdoor season with an injury that ruins their summer. There are precautions you need to take, such as making sure the equipment is safe, and that there aren’t too many kids using the slide. When an accident does happen, liability is often complicated. Was the turf an issue? What about the maintenance of the park? We will explore this topic in our next blog.

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