6 Tips for How to Safely Ride a Rental E-Scooter

If you live in a city, you’ve probably seen people zipping by on electric scooters, or partaken in the scoot craze yourself. The popularity of rental e-scooter apps — like Bird, Lime, and offerings from Uber and Lyft — has expanded across the country and introduced a completely new form of accessible transportation to America’s urban areas.

As convenient and fun as e-scooters are, they can be dangerous. Follow our tips for safe scooting in your city!

Try it Out First

As a first-time scooter, you may be surprised by how quickly the vehicles move. Before taking your scooter to the streets, try it out in a safe area to get used to the controls. Different brands of scooters operate differently too, so a test ride can be helpful even if you’re just using a scooter company you haven’t before.

Take it Slow

As is the case with any vehicle, speed is not your friend. Electric scooters have the ability to adjust speed, so ride slowly to stay safe.

Don’t Scoot While Intoxicated

Although using a scooter may seem like a safe mode of transportation after a night out, it’s not — you should never drive anything while under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Appoint a designated driver before heading to the bar, or use a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft (but not their scooters).

Keep One Rider per Scooter

Scooting with friends can be fun, but every rider should have their own scooter. Trying to scoot in tandem can make it more difficult to operate and result in injury.

Avoid High-Traffic Areas

One of the most significant risks of using an e-scooter is being hit by a car. Try to stay away from busy roads and sidewalks and scoot in areas with plenty of space.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Our final — and possibly our most important — tip is to be aware of your surrounding while riding a scooter. Looking out for cars, pedestrians, traffic signals, objects, and uneven stretches of pavement are all simple things you can do to be safe.

Following our safe scooting tips will help you avoid accidents, but they can happen — contact Casey Law Offices, S.C. if you were injured.

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