Common Signs of Dangerous Truck Driving Behavior, and What to Do If You See It

Truck driving requires a high level of focus and skill. The size of a semi-truck alone makes the vehicles much more difficult to drive compared to cars, and therefore, drivers must adopt careful driving habits to keep themselves and others safe.

Dangerous truck driving can look similar to dangerous car or motorcycle driving, but often with much more detrimental consequences.

Instances of Hazardous Truck Driving

Any driver who fails to obey the rules of the road puts themselves and others around them in danger. Behind the wheel of a large truck, the damage caused by bad driving can be even more extensive than in a smaller vehicle.

Some of the most common dangerous driving behaviors that are exhibited by truck drivers include:

  • Swerving
  • Speeding, or driving too slow
  • Failure to use a turn signal
  • Running red lights and stop signs, or failure to yield

All of these actions are especially dangerous if the weather is bad. In rainy, snowy, or windy conditions, one careless move can quickly turn deadly.

What to Do if You Encounter a Dangerous Truck Driver

When you are driving and notice a truck driver that is endangering others on the road, contact the police or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as soon as you are able to safely do so. You should avoid driving close to the truck to prevent a collision.

If you do get injured in an accident with a truck driver, contact Casey Law Offices, S.C. Our experienced attorney is prepared to represent you — we will fight to recover the compensation you deserve.

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