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Vaping May Kill with Lipoid Pneumonia-Like Symptoms, Warns CDC


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently announced it was investigating the dangers of vaping and e-cigarette usage. The agency has claimed six people have died and another 380 to 450 have fallen seriously ill due to lung complications caused by vaping certain substances.

According to CDC officials, the cases they are investigating mostly involve lipoid pneumonia-like symptoms. Lipoid pneumonia is a serious pulmonary infection caused by oil entering the lung and causing internal damage and irritation. Untreated, it can be fatal, like most forms of pneumonia.

The vaping health crisis is catching national headlines also because it affects so many youths. In Illinois and Wisconsin, the majority of cases studied involved a patient who was around just 19-years old. Although, the death most recently reported to the CDC was a man in his 50s who apparently had other health complications that may have exacerbated the negative effects of vaping.

The CDC has also stated it is narrowing its investigation into the cause of the lipoid pneumonia-like symptoms. The leading suspect is vitamin E acetate being inhaled through vape pens and e-cigs. Most products that contain vitamin E are for skincare. However, the substance has reportedly been used in cannabis-based vaping products to better allow the cannabis to form into a breathable vapor.

For the time being, the CDC and other health organizations have warned that all vaping devices and e-cigarettes should stop being used immediately. As more information of their investigation is clarified, there may be secondary announcements that clarify which vape products are indeed the most dangerous.

You can learn more about the vape pen health crisis by clicking here and viewing a full article from CNBC. If you have suffered a serious health complication and you think your vaping habit may be related, contact Casey Law Offices, S.C. Dial (414) 272-5564 today to arrange a FREE case evaluation with our vape lawsuit attorneys in Wisconsin.