How Serious Is the Philips CPAP Recall?

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Philips, a Netherlands-based medical device company, is facing scrutiny after it was revealed that their CPAP machines and ventilators could be severely injuring people. According to CBS News, Philips has had to recall millions of their ventilators and CPAP machines because of defects. Per the report, the devices have defects that are causing users to breath in toxic polyester-based polyurethane sound abatement foam.

Inhaling the toxic foam is believed to cause several severe injuries and illnesses, including:

  • Multiple types of cancer
  • Respiratory failure
  • Kidney damage
  • Liver disease
  • Pulmonary fibrosis
  • Heart failure

Anyone who uses a Philips CPAP machine, especially the DreamStation model, should check to see if it is part of this recall.

How Do I Know If My Philips CPAP Is Recalled?

In many cases, manufacturers will contact customers if a product they bought from them is recalled. Companies generally reach out to consumers via mail or email. However, receiving direct notification from a manufacturer about a recall is no guarantee. In the case of the Philips CPAP recall, there is a way that users can confirm if their CPAP machine has been recalled or not.

The steps for finding out if your Philips CPAP machine has been recalled are as follows:

After you submit your information, you will receive confirmation of your CPAP device’s recall status. If your CPAP machine is not part of the recall, you will receive a message confirming that. If your CPAP is a part of the recall, you will receive a confirmation number, important recall information, and instructions about the next steps you need to take as part of the recall process.

Can I Sue Philips for DreamStation CPAP Injuries?

Several Philips CPAP machine owners have already filed product liability lawsuits against the medical device manufacturer, and thousands more are reportedly planning to follow suit. Several of these lawsuits are expected to be consolidated into a multi-district litigation (MDL) class action lawsuit. With the mounting evidence against Philips, these cases appear to be on solid legal footing. However, there are no guarantees when it comes to litigation.

Proving a product liability case can be extremely difficult and it requires certain elements to be present, such as:

  • The product that the victim used was defective.
  • The manufacturer did not provide adequate instructions with the product.
  • The product did not include a warning.
  • The victim must have suffered an injury or illness as a direct result of using the product.
  • The victim made no modifications to the product and used the product as it was intended.

Speak with an Experienced Product Liability Lawyer About the Philips CPAP Recall Today!

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