Personal Injury Claims 101: Steps You Should Follow in Your Case

It might be hard to imagine getting into a serious accident – like a car crash or falling down slippery stairs – that leaves you with a serious injury, but you never know what’s coming next. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 80% of Americans talk to their physician for one reason or another annually, about 40 million will need emergency medical care each year, and around 7% of Americans need overnight or extended hospitalization every year. With this information in mind, it clearly doesn’t hurt to be prepared for the worst and know what to do if you are ever in an accident.

Steps to Follow After Any Sort of Accident

  1. Call for help: If you have the ability to do so, call for emergency responders to help you. You never know when an injury that seems minor is actually severe under the surface. Getting an ambulance there just in case is a smart idea.
  2. Look around you: Once again, if it is safe for you to do so, take a look around the area. You should be seeing what might have contributed to your accident and taking photographs of it with your smartphone, if you have one. Evidence might be another driver, a puddle on tile floor, frayed electrical wiring, etc. Anything that pertains to your accident should be documented.
  3. Stay quiet: If another person was involved in your accident, don’t apologize to them or accept liability for what happened. Even if you think you are the cause of the accident, there might be unknown factors that take some or all liability off your shoulders. You should also refuse to give any initial statements to insurance companies until you have time to think.
  4. Get medical attention: It is entirely possible that emergency responders deemed that you didn’t need immediate medical attention. That’s good news but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see your doctor eventually. Schedule an appointment with your trusted physician as soon as you can to get a complete checkup. Better safe than sorry, plus it gives you evidence to use in your claim.
  5. Call a lawyer: Seeking compensation for your injuries is close to a necessity these days. In order to get maximized compensation and minimal liability, you should work with a professional personal injury attorney that is highly-experienced in cases like yours. Complicated legalities will become manageable and you can focus on rest and recuperation.

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