Unique Aspects of Truck Accident Investigations

Investigating a truck accident, pinpointing its sources, and determining liability must be a priority whenever a commercial big rig loses control and causes damage. But the investigation that follows is probably not as straightforward or usual as you might have guessed. Due to the complexities of both truck maintenance and trucking company management, there are certain aspects of a trucking accident investigation that are fairly unique.

Important aspects in a truck accident investigation include:

  • Maintenance records: How well and how often a commercial truck is maintained weighs heavily on a truck accident investigation. If it is found that maintenance was poorly conducted or completed not often enough, it could suggest that a mechanical failure caused the accident, taking liability away from motorists hurt in the collision.
  • Trucker profiles: Any truck driver permitted to operate such a large vehicle on public highways must have extensive training on how to handle the truck first. Additionally, some of the most thorough background checks should be completed on any trucker before hiring to ensure they do not have a history of accidents or drugs and alcohol abuse. Any gaps in a trucker’s profile can put liability on them.
  • Employer history: Just as how a trucker’s own profile is important in a truck accident investigation, so is the record and history of the trucker’s employer. Companies with multiple Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) violations may not enforce the appropriate safety standards necessary for stopping truck accidents.
  • Electronic on-board recorder (EOBR): Each commercial truck should be equipped with an EOBR of one model or another that records important information about a truck’s schedule and service records. Basic models will only track hours in which the truck was actively being driven, which can indicate if truck driver fatigue could have been a factor; more advanced EOBR systems can be equipped with a GPS that records where the truck was and how fast it was traveling at the time of collision. EOBRs are priceless caches of information that plaintiff attorneys must access as soon as possible.

If you have been hit by a commercial truck, you must realize that investigations can be difficult but they are crucial to winning compensation. To get committed and knowledgeable legal assistance with your case, you can rely on Casey Law Offices, S.C. Our Wisconsin truck accident attorneys have more than 24 years of legal experience to put to good use on your behalf, whether you are pushing for a settlement or think your case needs to go to court.

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