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  • Tricks, Treats, and Creeps — How to Avoid a Scary Lawsuit this Halloween

    What used to be an innocent holiday when kids of all ages would wear home-made costumes and trick-or-treat well past sundown, Halloween has become a time when pranksters and those with bad intentions create situations that result in injury and lawsuits. Add to that, accidents just happen, even to the best of us. We will use this space to share some tips to help property owners avoid winding up in ...
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  • A Winter Alert for Southeast Wisconsin

    Residents in Southeast Wisconsin can expect snow soon. And, when it falls, so do people. One of the most threatening winter hazards is the potential to slip and fall on patches of ice and snow, causing serious injuries including lacerations, broken bones, and even traumatic brain injuries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 800,000 patients are hospitalized each year ...
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  • Unique Aspects of Truck Accident Investigations

    Investigating a truck accident , pinpointing its sources, and determining liability must be a priority whenever a commercial big rig loses control and causes damage. But the investigation that follows is probably not as straightforward or usual as you might have guessed. Due to the complexities of both truck maintenance and trucking company management, there are certain aspects of a trucking ...
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  • Who's at Fault - A Discussion of Accident Liability

    A determination of who is responsible for an automobile accident, or accident liability, is the essential first step in representing an injured individual. I find that in the majority of car accidents , one driver is more negligent than the other. Although some accidents are the result of intentional acts, most are the result of negligence. Broadly defined, a driver is negligent when that person ...
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