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Blog Posts in March, 2016

  • Who's at Fault - A Discussion of Accident Liability

    A determination of who is responsible for an automobile accident, or accident liability, is the essential first step in representing an injured individual. I find that in the majority of car accidents , one driver is more negligent than the other. Although some accidents are the result of intentional acts, most are the result of negligence. Broadly defined, a driver is negligent when that person ...
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  • "Counselor in Your Corner" - What's My Case Worth?

    As a personal injury attorney, I’m often asked, “What’s my case worth?” Often, clients ask this question during the initial interview, and my answer is always the same: “We need to wait until the end of the medical treatment.” In this column, I will briefly explain the process and some of the factors experienced personal injury lawyers use to arrive at a just settlement. Let’s start at the ...
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