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  • Update on Roundup Lawsuit
    Update on Roundup Lawsuit

    If you have followed the story of the lawsuits filed against Bayer, the makers of the popular Monsanto weed killer Roundup, you have likely heard or read that Bayer reached a settlement of about $10 – ...

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  • Zantac Lawsuit Update
    Zantac Lawsuit Update

    The popular antacid drug called Zantac has become the subject of hundreds of lawsuits in the past year by people claiming that the drug included objectionable levels of a substance that is a ...

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  • Roundup Lawsuit Settlement Update
    Roundup Lawsuit Settlement Update

    Roundup, the popular weed killer, has been the target of tens of thousands of lawsuits by individuals claiming it caused them to develop cancer. Roundup, originally manufactured by Monsanto, is now ...

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  • Bicycles Are Booming
    Bicycles Are Booming

    The Rising Popularity of Bicycles in the United States U.S. bike sales are on the rise, and bicycling is becoming more and more popular across the nation. With the 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) ...

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  • How to Make Roadways Safe for Bicyclists and Pedestrians
    How to Make Roadways Safe for Bicyclists and Pedestrians

    Complete Streets and Tactical Urbanism Driving is no longer the only way to get around, but many streets in the United States are built for cars and cars alone. The “complete streets” movement aims to ...

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  • The True Cost of Bicycle Accidents
    The True Cost of Bicycle Accidents

    In 2018, the United States lost 857 people to fatal bicycle accidents. Even bicyclists who survive accidents face life-changing injuries and astronomical medical costs . The costs and consequences of ...

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